Where does the money go?

When you hear the words - "need a transplant to survive" the world as you know it starts to crumble, your life as you have lived it changes overnight, your immediate priority - SURVIVAL. 

The race against the clock begins - endless doctors visits, blood work, follow-up conversations, pharmacy runs, educating yourself and family and - oh wait those are just your NEW responsibilities, in addition to that - you still have to find time to work, maintain your life - get dinner on the table, pay bills, work, care for your children, care for your significant other, care for your home, go grocery shopping, pick up dry cleaning, get your kids to activities, return library books, oh and somewhere in there - find time for you.  

There is no way someone going through transplant (pre or post) can do it ALL by themselves.  

That is why we exist.

We want to find a way to lessen the burden on any pediatric or adult transplant family.  

We want to help in a little or big way.  

Through random acts of kindness or larger monetary donations we want families to feel empowered and loved.