Introduction to our Liver Tale

Brodie joined the world on a beautiful May day... He was sweet, sweet perfection - he was 8lbs. and 12 oz of straight sugary love. We were so excited to have our little guy join our family. My husband and I could not believe we had a boy and were thrilled to introduce him to his Big Sister Harper. She was enamored from the get with him. He was such a fabulous little newborn great sleeper, eater and pooper - what more can you ask for??

Right away we noticed that his skin tone was very different than his sister's. Harper was fair skinned, blonde hair and blue eyes and he developed what we all affectionately referred to as "A TAN" straight out of the gates. He had dark hair and a tan to go with it. We often joked that he was just destined to be tall dark and handsome. Brodie also had yellow at the corners of his eyes that we constantly were questioning. We also noticed that his tummy was wide - we affectionately referred to it as his major "milk belly".

Like most parents we wrote down our concerns and consulted our Pediatrician - we were comforted and told that this would go away - all babies are different and that this too would pass.