Uncovering Biliary Atresia

August 22nd - 26th

Summer fun and the livin' is easy - One of my best girlfriends Cole invited me and the kids to come down to her family's Lake house which is about an hour and 45 minute drive one way for some weekend Sun, Boating, Beaching, Playing and S'More Cooking - so we went down for the weekend. On the night we returned Russ was giving Brodie a bath and got him out of the bath and we saw that he had some bruising on his lower spine and on the base of his head. The bruising was a deep purple and red. I was horrified and the only thing I could think of was maybe I put him in the car seat the wrong way? Or he was sitting funny and that 2 hour car ride must have done that... The bruises did not bother him and we kept an eye on it and eventually the bruises went away.

Week of August 29th

Later on the next week - we saw bruises on his sides - they were right where you would pick a baby up. They looked like finger prints. How could he get these? He is always in loving hands in the family and there was no way that he could have gotten these through an abusive situation. We talked to our family and our nanny Allie and made sure everyone knew to be gentle and that he had bruised - of course everyone was horrified and made sure to be gentle moving forward. On the side of his little body I noticed a very hard "pearl like" nodule that had formed. We had our 4 month wellness appointment coming up and I thought that I would just bring it up then - as he was in no pain. The bruises went away but the little nodule stayed.

On Thursday I decided to do what every parent HATES to do to their little love nuggets - CUT FINGERNAILS. As I was delicately combing over every little nail and trying my very best to not snip anything that was a wavery, flimsy nail - I of course failed, miserably and nicked the surface of his little ring finger. I am talking nick, barely there - and it bled for about two days and would. not. stop. Finally through constant cleaning, neosporining, bandaiding and socking I got it to stop. I couldn't believe it. A little cut and that much blood.... Hmmmm my mind was starting to think something wasnt right.

Labor Day

Wheels up and we were motoring for some more fun action down at my friend Cole's Lake house - this time the whole family packed up ready to go and we were off. When we returned - we were giving Brodie a bath again and noticed bruises on his spine and the base of his head (the same places as before). This time fear set in something was not right. Why is this happening?

The next day was Labor Day and Brodie showed no pain, he was not uncomfortable but I was very bothered. On Tuesday I called in to the Dr. to try to get an appointment. I talked to a couple different people explaining the symptoms and I was told that the earliest I could get in was that Friday. I was a little unsettled so I called my amazing nurse on call friend Ria and told her what was going on and asked her opinion - which was call them back and tell them that you need an appointment NOW or go straight to the ER. I called back and was worked in for Wednesday AM at a Dr. that was 45 minutes across town. At that point - who cares - I just wanted my little guy to be seen.

At least tomorrow I would have answers.