Update: 01/03/2016 - Break from the Cleveland Clinic

Well we enjoyed our break - we had a whole week and a half off from going up to the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus - to enjoy the holidays (the longest I have gone from going down there every week since 9/9/15 - almost 3 months!!!) As much as I love our team - my people - I SO enjoyed the break - mentally :) I am so happy to report that our break was medically non-eventful. Tomorrow we are headed up to main campus for a full work up labs, ultrasounds and clinics. Hopefully the only thing they notice on little Bro-Man are his new two bottom teeth (or teefers as I like to call them) cutting through. Brodie seems as good as ever - he watched his big sister turn 4 and LOVED Christmas - the highlight for him was boxes and paper - lottttts of paper! Fingers crossed for big smiles and great results. Good LUCK to everyone starting their work week after the nice break - Good Vibes coming at you! #brodiesgoodvibetribe #sliverofliver#tiguetough