Update: 12/01/2015

Update: 12/01/2015 - 84 Days ago we had no idea what Biliary Atresia (BA) was. We had no idea that our little guys liver had been not working and was so badly scarred that it was cirrhosis condition. With our only option of liver transplant and having that under our belts we are happy healthy and BA free.

Another warrior is starting on his path to kicking BA to the curb - 5 Month old Luke has been taking advice from Brodie and will be on his way to transplant after the first of the year. Follow this amazing family's story at Luke's Legendary Liver League - Luke has received Kasai Surgery (which Brodie was too old for after his diagnosis). Luke's parents Lauren & Jason found out that they are BOTH blood matches which is the first step of many to see if they can give their little guy a sliver of their liver.

FOLLOW THEM - CHEER FOR THEM - PRAY FOR THEM! I think you will fall in love with this family (I have) and I am rooted on giving them 100% GOOD VIBES on their journey because they do not have any other option but to dominate this challenge.

Today is National Biliary Atresia Awareness Day and unfortunately I am all too AWARE of this condition 300 little babes a year are diagnosed with this and through Organ Donation - living and deceased we the people are able to help these little babes LIVE.

If you want more information on organ donation or how you can contribute to the gift of life you can contact Lifebanc - 888.558.LIFE (5433) they can help you understand volunteer opportunities, organ donation options, monetary donations and any other questions.

If you want to be a LIVE liver donor let me know and I can contact you with "my people".

More of an update to come later on this week. Life is good. We are busy living it!


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