Update: 12/15/2015 - Fighting our way Through


Before this life challenge that has jolted our world – if you would have asked me what bravery was – I would have very matter of fact replied it is those who put themselves in danger and harms way every day – our military, fire fighters, police officers, etc. I was very black and white about it and quite sure that there was no other definition – or option.

As we have gone down this road I have been shown that there are different facets of bravery especially in the world of medicine. The indirect bravery I have witnessed has amazed me… You see being brave can mean so many things to all of us…

- It can be getting a diagnosis for yourself or a loved one that turns your world upside down

- It can be sitting and holding someone while they sob because they are in pain or shock or disappointed

- It can be walking into the hospital knowing that you won’t come out for days or weeks

- It can be waking up from a surgery and wondering about your road to recovery

- It can be sitting in the waiting room while someone is in surgery

- It can be supporting someone not knowing what to say or how to say it just being there

- It can be smiling or putting on a brave face while inside you are breaking into millions of pieces

And what is amazing is that these things happen every single day – hundreds of thousands of people go through all of these emotions daily. And the true defining moment of it all - is how will you respond? Will you be a victim or a victor? Will you rise above and find your way through?

My Mom told me a story on the way to the hospital one day…

A man received a diagnosis from the doctor who was treating him and in fact that he had terminal cancer and his life expectancy was very short. The man left the appointment devastated with the blow of the news.

Soon after, the doctor left for the day as well - on his way out to his car through the parking garage – saw a car with hazards on and someone underneath the car. The man underneath the car was in fact the man with terminal cancer.

“What are you doing?” asked the dr.

“Fixing the car” replied the man.

“I don’t understand” replied the dr. “You just received horrible news - don’t you have other things to be worrying about than someone else’s car.”

The man replied – “Listen you told me what was going to end my life but you cannot tell me how to LIVE my life.”

I have no idea if that is a true story or not. But I have thought about that hundreds of times since my Mom shared it with me.

Do not be defined by the challenges you are given, do not be handcuffed to a diagnosis, do not be trapped by others and their expectations. Live – rise above and LIVE.

People.com just featured 9 year old Hadley who is living with Biliary Atresia and just recently lived transparently through her journey with Biliary Atresia, Transplant and everything in between with her YouTube Channel - Transplant Tales from an 8 Year Old. Because she thought there are not enough educational support materials out there to share with people going through the procedures.

Can you imagine being 8/9 years old and doing this? Being brave enough to share your story? Amazing. What a little warrior. I am convinced that in this world knowledge is confidence. It helps, guides and allows us to crusade for victories with our brave face on.

These real world life examples or anecdotes are what help me through the worst and best times – and honestly why I keep sharing with you. We all have things we go through and we all need to have our mindset set on positive – victory is the only option – you define what victory means to you.

We are doing our best to raise Brodie and Harper to be victors in life and to be brave – always – because let’s face it if we can humanize our humans to have compassion, help others, be kind and be brave – anything is possible and this big scary world is better one little human at a time. #‎tiguetough#‎brodiesgoodvibetribe #‎sliverofliver #‎thegoodstuff