Update:11/06/2015 - Heroes


Heroes are people who transform compassion into heroic action. In doing so, they put their best selves forward in service to humanity.

I think there are everyday people in our lives - we know that they are heroes for what they have done, what they currently do, what they are aspiring to be.

They walk amongst us every day. They are everywhere.

You have to stop and really pay attention to what is going on around you - because sometimes these heroes are so unnoticeable, so under the radar, so undetected that if you do not realize in real time how they are impacting you - you may never have the chance to tell them how amazing they are. Or help them understand why they are so important. Or just smile at them. Or just say - thank you.

Over the past two months we have been overwhelmed by the amount of people it has taken to get our warrior Brodie to be on his path to the good healthy life.

All of these people are our heroes and are part of our crazy journey and will always be part of Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe and for them and their talents we will be forever grateful.

If your face is in this album. You are part of the Tigue's heroes at our time at Cleveland Clinic.... #‎brodiesgoodvibetribe #‎sliverofliver #‎tiguetough