Update: 02/15/2016 - Blockage in Portal Vein Discovered

2/15/16 - Appointment 1 of 3 complete. Stick. Draw. Dominate. The Vein Whisperer Big John working his magic as always!!! 😍 i like to say this is Brodie's victory dance!! #brodiesgoodvibetribe #sliverofliver #tiguetough

2 out of 3 Appointments Complete! Dancing, giggling, writhing, wiggling his way through the hour long ultrasound while Holly and Renee patiently explored their way through veins, vessels, arteries and flow as well as the rest of the liver world. #brodiesgoodvibetribe #sliverofliver#tiguetough


3 out of 3 Appointments Completed Cleveland Clinic Children's. Slight hiccup today after reviewing of Brodie's Ultrasounds - there is some sort of blockage in his portal vein going into his liver.

Best case scenario is it is something minor, middle case scenario would be it is his portal vein walls are thickening and worst case would be a blood clot.

All of these things can be corrected different ways.

We will be admitted tonite for a CT Scan tomorrow and although the scan will be appx 5 mins he will have to be put under so he does not move. His veins are as thin as a strand of hair - clear pictures are critical.

Nothing is life threatening just trying to address things as quickly as possible.

Please say a prayer, send good vibes, channel good juju our way!

We have to do an IV which is going to be super challenging bc he is bigger, more aware and loves to play with everything.

#brodiesgoodvibetribe #sliverofliver #tiguetough