Update: 02/18/2016 - We are home

Update: 02/18/16 - We. Are. Home. Brodie hoped and wished and longingly looked down the hallway at the door ALL DAY and POOF - dreams do come true! Who needs DISNEY when you have Cleveland Clinic Children's- HA!

Our team. Our team. Can I tell you how our team went above and beyond today - there was a ton of tail-busting, running around like maniacs getting. it. done. - that needed to be completed to get us out today and we are SO SO thankful and grateful that they made this happen.

Because Brodie is so small (if you consider a 9 month old at 25 pounds of sweet buttery love small ;)) and the new medication (Lovenox aka the shots) we are on is typically not something common for babies to be prescribed so the dosage varies based on size, weight and how they absorb the medication.

Basically we found the right shot "dosage" by trial - finally on the 4th go (Each shot is 12 hours apart and labs ran 4 hours after) we had the MAGIC DOSAGE CONCOCTION to get him to the right level (Anti10A) in his blood. Which was our ticket out of there!!
As well as working to get this drug ordered, approved, released and delivered working with pharmacies AND insurance companies - OMG. Thank God for amazing professionals who know how to get it done! We are SO SO thankful - Tichy, Jim & MaryJoy!

We will be back at the Clinic on Wednesday for an ultrasound - looking at the blood clot and making sure it is not growing, getting labs with our vein whisperer, meeting with our team and evaluating where we are.

Until then it is life as normal - play hard, eat alot, tummy time, sitting time, furniture surf time, jump time, experiment with table food time, watch my sister time, love on my mommy and daddy time - ya know just baby stuff with meds and shots here and there...

So tonight we are in our own beds, feeling relieved and amazed that once again our warrior has hope and potential to FIGHT, DOMINATE and WIN at yet another challenge.

I am a Disney fan... I will always be... in Cinderella we learn "EVEN MIRACLES TAKE A LITTLE TIME" so in your journey take it day by day - hour by hour - minute by minute - don't expect it overnight...


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