Update: 02/25/2016 - State of the Clinic Video

Today our family gets to share with you our journey with our little warrior Brodie - here is our story....

My heart pumps harder and my stomach flutters as this video created so beautifully through the eyes of MEDICINE and LOVE - with images and video from our past 9 months developed into this journey you all have embarked on with us.

My ask to you is to SHARE THIS STORY.

SHARE THIS STORY - EDUCATE others, INSPIRE good, GIVE BACK to those in medicine and BELIEVE that MIRACLES happen.


You never know who might see this and who would GIFT LIFE forward - what if you saved a life just by sharing?

Yesterday was beautiful to share this moment with the world - but most importantly to have some of our care-taking team at Cleveland Clinic Children's get recognized for their incredible talents.

Tigue Tough and Cleveland Clinic Children's Proud - Transplants are amazing - and we LOVE OUR NEW LIVER!!!


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Special Thanks To: 
Cleveland Clinic for the video (Laura, Mike & Val <3 <3 <3)
Shannon Ahlstrand Photography for some great photography