Update: 03/18/2016 - HOT OFF THE PRESSES - BGVT at the TRIBE


SAVE THE DATE – HOT OFF THE PRESSES – ALERT!! ALERT!! Our INCREDIBLE friends at the Cleveland Clinic have invited us (The Tigue’s) to THROW OUT THE FIRST PITCH at a Cleveland Indians GAME.

04/16/16 – Saturday, April 16th 2016 at 4:10PM – we will be getting an ENTIRE SECTION for BGVT with SPECIAL DISCOUNTED pricing – I am waiting on the link to share.

SAVE THE DATE – Write it down – in ink. Plug it into your phone calendar - right now. Call your friends. Bring the family. Get a babysitter. Get a group. Come by yourself. Whatever – Just COME! EVERYONE and ANYONE is invited – as long as they bring GOOD VIBES.

APRIL is DONATE LIFE month and that is what this is all about.

Celebrate what Cleveland Clinic Children's + a sliver of liver did for Brodie = 2nd chance at life and what an amazing gift ORGAN DONATION is.

I am calling on the biggest supporters I know - COME, RALLY WITH US and let your battle cry out and let’s get your BGVT ON for DONATING LIFE.

I will be throwing out the first pitch, yes me, Holy Cannoli! My little-leagueing, softball-loving, baseball-obsessed tail could not even DREAM ABOUT THIS! Whether I will be curve-balling, throwing the heat, giving the knuckleball, spitting a forkball, getting my four-seamed fastball on or just simply trying to get the dang ball over the plate to help the CLEVELAND INDIANS start the game – this is HAPPENING.

Inside Scoop: Brodie may or may not be strapped on me in the Baby Bjorn when I throw the pitch – we have to see how our “training” goes and Russ and Harper will be standing RIGHT BY us – on the field. Brodie and me - on the mound. In Progressive Field. Seriously. EEK!

Our WHOLE family will be there and we would love it so much if you spent the afternoon with us, Slider, BGVT and the TRIBE.


DO NOT BUY TICKETS yet – wait for me to get you the BGVT SECTION DISCOUNTED LINK – we would LOVE it if you would sit with us – I will have it next week!

“Life will always throw you curveballs, just keep fouling them off, the right pitch will come, but when it does be prepared to run the bases.”


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