04/07/2016 - Team Swanson

Donate LIfe! Meet Team Swanson - they dominated Biliary Atresia x2: Twin Boys kicked BA to the curb - with liver transplants at 2 & 3 years old... all because someone decided to #donatelife - they are now in 1st grade AND DOING AMAZING!

Mama Swanson was so kind and helped me so much understand, work through and educate me on what this journey is all about - and I only had little B-man. Watching these little boys thrive and their older brother regulate is awesome! If you haven't yet - choose to DONATE LIFE. RECYCLE YOUR PARTS. HELP OTHERS LIVE!

http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/first-graders-with-transplanted-livers-thriving/brodiesgoodvibetribe #donatelife #sliverofliver #thegoodstuff#teamswanson