Luke's Legendary Liver League - Update

Great update on our little friend Luke!!! Luke's Legendary Liver League - So happy for this fellow transplant family and this little warrior Luke who is SO STRONG.

DOnate LIFE so miracles like this can happen, encourage those around you to choose YES too.

Transplant is amazing, brutal, beautiful, crazy and possible because of those who give selflessly and those who fight fiercely.

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May 17, 2016 · 

Well Liver Leaguers...Prayers have been answered once again!!! 💚🙏💚

It was a long but super successful day in Cincinnati for us today! It started with an Echo to check up on a few heart issues Luke had developed with his liver disease. They were issues that were serious enough to continue to be monitored, but we were assured the whole time that after transplant they should take care of themselves and that they did!!! So after our trip to the heart doctor, we traveled down to see our phenomenal liver doctor and prayed she would like the lab results from yesterday as much as we did. Good news: she loved the results... Great news: she pulled the PICC line from Luke's arm!!!! After 7 months, we are officially 100% TUBE FREE!!! Wooooo hoooo!!!! So with the PICC out, she also took away one of his meds and reminded us that we are 80 DAYS POST TRANSPLANT!!! WHAT?!?! How is that even possible?! We are getting closer to being out of isolation and living a more normal life as well which is absolutely amazing!!! He has come such a long way.... We are so incredibly thankful and blessed 💚💪🙏💚💪🙏💚💪🙏💚💪🙏💚