Maroon for Maisie - Transplant Day!!!

Our sweet little PICU 5 y/o friend had her big transplant yesterday Maroon for Maisie is at Cleveland Clinic Children's her marrow came over from Germany - can you believe that is where her match was?

This little girl has a heart bigger than Texas and 4 little siblings that want their big sister to rock through this.

Happy New Marrow Birthday Maisie!!!

Please spare some good vibes, transplant support and BGVT love!!!!! 
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Maroon for Maisie

April 6, 2016 · 

Maisie had her bone marrow transplant yesterday. We were so anxious while waiting for the donor cells to arrive, and we were able to breathe a little easier once the transplant completed. It is so amazing to think those cells made the journey all the way from Germany. In the days leading up to the transplant, Maisie underwent chemotherapy and full body radiation. She has generally been in good spirits, but she’s been experiencing headaches and nausea. She was able to see her siblings this afternoon through her room's hallway window, and it absolutely made her day!

Although we couldn’t make the mass at St. Luke the other night, we know that there were so many who attended, and even more people who were there in spirit and praying from afar. We are so grateful for your support and prayers! Thank you! We will continue to update you with Maisie's progress as we move forward in this journey.