Update: 04/13/2016

Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe CHECK IT OUT!!!! SATURDAY's FORECAST: SUNNY AND 70 DEGREES!!!! Get your Tailfeathers down to Cleveland Indians Progressive Field - Get out in the SUNSHINE - Come watch the Tigue's take the field and Traci 'Robinson' Tigue & Brodie throw out the HEAT for the first pitch!

If you need more of a reason it is National Organ Donation Awareness month and we will be 6 months post transplant next week!

We have sold OVER 200 tickets and people keep pinging me for more info...

Recap: We are in Section 311 (last time I checked we had only a handful of seats left) if you cannot get seats there look for seats in 309, 316 (they are on either side of us) or 303, 304 or 307... If you have tickets somewhere else - walk down come say HI!

Wear your Bestest most fabulous BGVT Gear - but don't forget about the tribe!

We will have Media coverage and be putting together LOTS of fun and amazing documentation - we want to see and hear from YOU!

Do you need to know us? NO! Come! Be part of our BGVTribe at the Tribe Game!