Update: 04/16/2016

Oh my goodness y'all - it is TIGUE TIME .... ummmm.... I mean TRIBE TIME..... I mean TIGUE TRIBE TIME - yes yes there it is!

I am so excited! I am so excited to share this moment with my family, with the Organ Donation community and our biggest supporters you as our TRIBE!

So put on those RALLY CAPS! And help us get our celebration on of us being a family of 4 and our Warrior and our super Chief.

This will be so fun and can you even - this weather!?!??!?! YES!!!!!!

Remember that the weather is a little cooler downtown by the lake so dress accordingly!

So here are some things you might be wondering:

 Be in your seats or be able to see the field by 3:30 PM - we do not have an exact time but I can tell you between 3:30 - 4:05 we will be throwing the heat. The 4 of us will be on the field and then me and Brodie get to go to the mound to throw!

We will be on the field living the VIP life ;) and then we will be coming up to our section -311 with ALL of you!! Literally this whole section is people who are part of BGVT - so they have love for our little warrior, organ donation and have been part of our journey - so don't be shy! Make a new friend! Enjoy the game!

There is a very friendly "Kids Zone" right next to our section that it perfect for restrooms, changing babes and playing for kiddos. Also if it is your love nugget or tater tots first game take them to customer service to get a CERTIFICATE of their first Indians game.

Our very favorite special photographer will be there documenting our experience on the field but then will also be coming into the stands to get the fan experience side too. Her name is Shannon and she is awesome - so if you want some special family / friend / whatever you want pics - ask her to snap you!

Please send ANY pictures or video you take of the event - this is SO SPECIAL to us and we are so honored that you chose to be with us and have been such a huge supporter of BGVT and our journey.

As you all know today's event and us being part of it is a gift from the Cleveland Clinic Children's and in the honor of Organ Donation - this is national OD Month.

I have a REALLY awesome idea in my head and I need your help to make it become a reality.

this is what I am asking from you....

Have you ever seen inspirational three word videos? They are awesome.

I would like to put together something that is moving and inspiring and I would like you to be a part of it.

Have you seen those three word videos?



We are going to create footage at the game.

i am asking for you to bring your signs to the game!!!! We will have a table

We will be asking you to answer one of the following questions in three words.

What do you want to tell organ donors out there?

What do you want to tell organ recipients out there - who are on a list or who have been transplanted?

How have you been impacted, influenced or inspired by BGVT or someone who has gone through a transplant?

On a poster board (we have been cutting the board in half so it is not as big)...

Write an answer to one of these questions in 3 words then add one of the following hashtags:


It should read something like this:


You are amazing

*if you would like to recognize someone who went through a transplant you can make a sign that denotes their "New Organ Date" 
*if you would like to recognize someone who was a donor or a LIVE donor same

See below for an examples....

Shannon Ahlstrand Photography will be taking still photos of you in your BGVT Gear holding the signs you make. We will then be compiling into a similar video as you see above.

I am asking you to bring signs to the game. We are also going to have a table set up where you can make a sign there too. This will be in the concourse by our section.


This is my super wish that you all participate and you all know how incredible you are and how much I appreciate your help with this.

You all are amazing and cannot tell you how much love, gratitude and inspiration I have gained from you. Please know how proud I am to call you my family, friend and a part of BGVT.

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