Update: 04/26/2016

Update: 04/26/16 - Here we are 1 week post Interventional Radiology Procedure – an eight hour procedure that put three stents into our little warrior. I am so so happy to share with you all that he is doing incredible.

This week has been a whirlwind – Brodie was probably back to his little self about 3-4 days after the surgery… Mostly set back from anesthesia and being intubated than the procedure… Harper on the other hand took about 4-5 days to recover – this last surgery or the “mini-surgery” threw our little 4 year old for a loop.

Harps was “googly eyes gone to crazy tater tot land” when Brodie and I got back from the hospital – she was sleep deprived, sugar filled and scared about when her brother and mama were going to be home.

I am happy to report we are all finally I think almost recovered.

The life of C’s has been our “wheel of life” as of recently – Choices, Chances and Changes… The variation of these three words I will use tonight is “We made a choice to take a chance and our life forever changed”

Tomorrow we head into Cleveland Clinic to get an ultrasound with our favorite group of U/S Techs to see how that darn Portal Vein, Blood Clot, Stents and Liver are looking…

And then we will motor on over to Cleveland Clinic Children's to see our favorite Liver Dr. – Dr. Krishnan, fave Surgeon Dr. Hashimoto, fave NP Cathy Tichy – Dreher and the whole gang.

Send us good vibes as we evaluate how everything is settling, adapting and morphing into Brodie’s little liver.

Oh and here is something... Our little fighter... This little warrior.. will be busting through and taking on ONE. First bday is in 18 days!!!


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