Update: 05/05/2016

Update: Things are calm. Things are uneventful. Things are happy.

We visited our vein whisperer this week - Big John. Labs were good. Repeat in 2 weeks.

Next week ultrasound with Dr Sands and a date with Dr Hashimoto.

Russ and I celebrated 8 fabulous years of marriage this week. Thanks to my mama we were able to sneak away for a quick dinner.

And in 9 days. Brodie is 1. Eek!

Brodie is so very good. He is happy. He seems to be thriving.

B-man is enamored by his big sissy - like lives to see what she is doing. Then he gets angry because his little 11 month body cant go as fast as her 4 y/o maverick self can.

The Bro-Meister took 3 steps this week - on accident - he was watching Harper twirl around in a homemade blanket toga (made by yours truly) dancing to Little Mermaid and he was so excited by her twirling around he just kind of ran and then realized his little hands weren't entwined in mine and fearfully collapsed.

And as we laugh, dance, soothe baby needs, rock to sleep and give in to the regularity that you succumb to so quickly as you gracefully fall into your routine.

You, we, I can so quickly get swept up in day to day that you forget. You forget. Yes really. You forget. Maybe intentionally. Maybe instinctively. Maybe because it seems so surreal.

The sunset was unreal tonight - I always call the sky "God's Art" (wouldn't it be fun to have the sky as your messy canvas?) it was epic tonite - Harper, Brodie and I sat in Brodie's bedroom and said prayers watching the sun sink into the horizon.

Tonight I just choose to forget. Enjoy the smiles. Enjoy the regularity of this little family life we created. Enjoy the gift of life.

This weekend Russ and I will have a night out - we are going to the Cleveland Clinic Children's Gala.

Celebrating life, the talents of Cleveland Clinic, other Warrior stories (i can't wait to be inspired) and BGVT.

I rambled. I didn't mean to. I just meant to say things are good.


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