Grace's Journey Update

Remember Grace - she had her big new liver birthday a week before Brodie Cleveland Clinic Children's??? She is doing awesome! And lets be honest can this warrior princess be more adorable? What a great update!!!! #DOnateLIFE #give2live #sliverofliver 


Grace's Journey

August 31, 2016 · 

On Monday we made the trek to Cleveland Clinic for one of Grace's follow up appointments. She is doing so well! Her potassium level was elevated a bit, so they started her on a medication to lower it. Other than that, things look pretty good. Her ultrasound came back normal and her blood work looks great! We've managed to avoid hospital admissions the entire summer and we've been able to relax a bit and enjoy how much she's grown and developed! 
It's hard to believe that in about six weeks we will celebrate her one year transplant anniversary! Thank God for organ donation!! Have you registered?! 😉
💚 Valerie