Update: 09/20/2016 - 11 Months POST LIVER TRANSPLANT!!!!

Update: 11 MONTHS POST LIVER TRANSPLANT!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully you all got to witness our amazing announcement on T.D. Jakes Show last week - We are taking BGVT non-profit.

After reflecting on this past year. We have recognized how much people and organizations have truly allowed us to get through this year in one piece and take a lot of duress off of us.

Whether it was from a food deliveries on our doorstep, fun gifts for the littles, sending GOOD VIBES, prayers, monetary donations, happy cards, wearing BGVT GEAR, educating us or volunteering time to spend with one of our tater tots there is NO WAY we could have gotten through without it. Period.

When you are so humbled and so amazed at the selfless generosity of those who you know and don’t know – it is nothing short of miraculous inspiration.

Those of you who have gotten to know me and have known me for awhile can probably assume that after my whirlwind life slowed down just enough for me to recognize all of the amazing things people were doing for us I started toiling with the fact of how could I, how could we, pay this forward?

How could we help others the way people have helped us? How could we lift others when they are down? What could we do to empower people to understand kindness?

Well we pulled the trigger. We are taking BGVT non-profit.

@brodie's good vibe tribe will be centered around
• Organ Donation / Living Donation Awareness
• Biliary Atresia Story Telling and Education
• Random Acts of Kindness to those in Need
• Supporting 1 - 2 families a year who has a child / adult who is going through a transplant (to start and build from there)

What a better way to have our first fundraiser than one of the most awesome celebrations of my life time – my little warrior, my amazing little guy - Brodie’s New Liver BIRTHDAY!

You are invited to Brodie’s Barn Bash!

We decided to put a family and friend-filled fun day together where we can enjoy each other, families, littles and life – OH and a new little liver that our warrior is JUST LOVING.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: "Brodie's Barn Bash" will be at Spring Mist Farms LLC in Brunswick on Saturday, October 22nd from 11AM - 2PM

It will be a family affair with petting farm, pony & hay rides and of course a major cake celebration - there will be an entry fee - more details to follow.

the proceeds will be going to a family whose little guy is fighting Biliary Atresia (same as what Brodie had) and will get transplanted this week.

We are hoping to raise enough for this amazing family to help them with fuel and parking over the next 6 – 8 weeks. We will introduce you to our amazing family soon so stand by.

We are so thrilled to be doing this and hope to do big things for this new world that we have become a part of.

It started with a boy. Who was very sick. A tribe was formed. It took a whole lotta fight, a little liver giving and A LOT of love, kindness to get us here.

And now, our mission is to give it back tenfold. Biliary Atresia Warriors, Transplant Families, we will help you rise during your fight to get you to the other side where the light is bright, the living is good and the world is a very amazing place.