Organ Donations at Record Level

One of the most amazing stories came to me - on my facebook page, in my messages and texts - ORGAN DONATIONS ARE AT RECORD LEVELS LOCALLY AND ACROSS THE COUNTRY. How amazing is THIS???

Friends - this is the greatest thing you could do for someone - living donation or the selection of gifting after passing away.

Here is a beautiful story of two local women here in Cleveland, both Mothers and because of a little SLIVER OF LIVER they are both here and so beautiful.

I got to meet my fellow SLIVER OF LIVER GIVER at the Transplant Games of America that we walked in this past June - Karen is selfless and amazing.

Both of these women got treated by our TOP NOTCH Liver Transplant Team at the Cleveland Clinic. We are so very lucky to have this RIGHT in our backyard.

There were 33,600 transplants in 2016 according to United Network for Organ SharingCleveland Clinic and Cleveland Clinic Children's did a WHOPPING 152 LIVER Transplants - that is just LIVER. That is both adult and pediatric - AMAZING.

Tell people our story, your story, tell people WHY they should support the gift of life. I Love that this is trending upwards and it is because people are willing to share their journey that the numbers are increasing.

There are still 119,055 people - humans - mothers, fathers, babies, sisters, brothers, grandparents - waiting, hoping, praying for a life-saving gift.


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