Update: 01/24/2017 - A day of appointments

The key to getting through long day of appointments - snacks, phone and funny faces. 

Yesterday we had our scheduled check ups for 3 appointments Cleveland Clinic Children's

Labs with the exceptional vein whisperer - Big John making sure all levels are where they need to be, Ultrasound with one of our favorites keeping and eye on the three stents, spleen and flows of all the "plumbing" and a quick check in with the incredible GI expert Dr. Radahkrishnan.

This little 20 month old literally amazes me every time he sails through these days - happy, a flirt and recovers from the traumatizing sticks, draws, pokes, prods, wands that generate huge cries and crocodile tears and within 30 seconds he is being ornery and getting people to laugh.

Once again I find myself so thankful for modern medicine, technology, the brilliant minds at theCleveland Clinic, the ability for us to use our organs to pay it forward for life to continue. 

Everyone we saw kept commenting about how big Brodie is getting, how he is losing some of the baby, how he actually has hair - HA!!!!

My heart sinks for those who wont be able to do the same - see their babies grow or their parents enjoy life with them. 

118,782 people in the United States on#thewaitinglist according to United Network for Organ Sharing wondering if they too will be on the other side one day. 

Support Organ Donation. Support Life.

So grateful for the power of a #sliverofliver and my little trail blazing warrior.

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