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People have asked what kind of expenses are associated with transplant - there are so many, sooo many...

Thankfully there are a lot of programs that you may be able to take advantage of to help provide you with assistance, support to allow the financial burden lessen - however most of the time with medications, procedures, expenses, visits, parking, etc. you will always have reoccurring costs weekly, monthly or yearly.

In this situation with Juniper's transplant - she is on medicine that is compounded (in liquid format) and would be an expense of $7,000 out of pocked after it is ran through insurance. This family is located in Colorado and qualified for medicaid - it is covered. That is not the case for all families.

Know that when you support BGVT you are helping someone make any of the payments listed above.

With the changes potentially being executed with the ACA there are going to be a lot of programs that help support and allow families like the The Borrowed HeartBrodie's Good Vibe Tribe, etc. that will have impact on their medical, insurance, situation - things like - pre-existing conditions, insurance caps, programs, etc.

Those things could potentially have an extreme impact on us - please watch, be aware, educate yourselves on changes and policies - who knows how things will end as this is the only beginning and we must believe, voice and follow through to see the change and receive the support we need.

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The Borrowed Heart

February 7 at 3:01pm · 

This guy right here (Juniper's dad) is currently on a plane to Washington DC courtesy of CNN to participate in the town hall debate tonight between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz regarding the future of healthcare in our country. He's been asked to briefly share our story and to ask a question concerning the cost of prescription medications not covered by insurance. Tune into CNN tonight! 9EST, 7MST for our Colorado friends.