Update: 01/19/2017 - Cleveland Clinic - Dr. Adrienne Boissy

"Be the Change you want to see" On this journey being thrust in a medical system experience is defined by many things - people, places, communication, relationships, etc.

i have been invited to serve as a volunteer and a voice of the patient population for Cleveland Clinic Children's on the parent engagement committee.

Last night I was sitting in a workshop put on by Cleveland Clinic Chief Experience officer - Dr. Adrienne Boissy - "Disruptive Innovations Experience" - talking about things the Clinic are doing from the top down to create a better patient experience - the things that are broken, the things that work and the things that need to be created to serve our needs as patients.

Dr. Boissy was insightful, funny and real - she shared such a powerful statement - "Our greatest work is to make what is invisible visible. To Make people who feel unseen seen."

Healthcare and healthcare organizations are not perfect and to craft the perfect system is practically impossible - "but if we let go of patient centered practice and let human centered focus gravitate to what is natural we may find relationship centered care. "

That is the care that I feel like we have had the whole time with our liver transplant team and GI team - my goal is to help with imperfections to help craft and create that experience for other parents, families and advocates.

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