Update: 11/22/2016 - 11 Months Post Transplant

Update: 13 months post transplant y'all!!!!! Wooooohooooo!!!! That means 72% of this little line backers life is with his unbelievable amazing new little liver!!!!!

He is doing awesome. His liver is great. We are still eyeballing that portal vein blood clot that has the three stents. We will probably have to do a procedure this year to expand and open the stents. He was 21 lbs when they were placed and now he is almost a whopping 32 lbs - chubba bubba!!!!! so as he grows we will have to expand and allow the portal vein to grow with him to support his growth.

His favorite things: tractors, cars, balls, books, elmo, cookie monster, his sister, his daddy, torturing the dog, running around like a maniac, anything dangerous that gives his mama a heart attack - you know ALL BOY!!!!! Oh and eating!!!! How could I forget that???? And attention. Any and all attention.

He is awesome. So very grateful to hit yet another milestone. He is a warrior, his sister teaches him to be brave and gives him pep talks and prayers on hospital days, his daddy gets him rough and tough by wrestling with him and throwing him around and me, well his Mama just does what Mamas are supposed to - we all know God created us Mama Bears to do his work - trying every day give my babes the strength, wisdom and love they need to rock in this thing called life.

As you all have so often told me "Find your Tribe. Love them hard."

Everyday. Every. Single. Day.

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