Traci gets to hold her baby boy!

Update 10/22 Traci gets to hold her baby boy!

As Traci was preparing for this operation and for being the donor, one of the things she struggled with the most was the thought of not being able to hold and comfort Brodie as he recovered.

As you saw in the video yesterday, she was absolutely providing him with comfort during her visits with him. The sound of her voice is the most comforting sound in his universe!

But of course, for a mom that isn't enough. As she would leave from those visits, tears filled her eyes as she would tell the nurses, "keep loving on my little guy." She said it with a smile (of course) but you can imagine how hard that must have been.

But now that Brodie's tubes are out, Traci was actually able to hold her baby boy today. She was able to look into his eyes, talk to him, rock with him and comfort him the way she has so anxiously been waiting to do -- with kisses, snuggles and hugs.

Today Traci is able to start feeling like Brodie's mommy again.

And as you can see from the pictures, there is nothing but pure joy in that momma's smile. What a great day this has been for Team Tigue!

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