Brodie is Extubated!

Update 10/22 Brodie is Extubated!

Brodie passed his CPAP test and has had his breathing tube removed! This is great progress for the little guy and really good news! It also means he no longer needs to be sedated.

He is already more active -- sucking on his little blankie, pacifying himself and taking swabs of sugar water. He is such a little fighter!

Traci is still making great progress, too. She was able to get a little more sleep last night and is no longer using the button pain medicine and is able to take meds orally.

They are certainly proving the hashtag #tiguetough to be true!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We are on our way!

Please take a few minutes to watch the beautiful video below made by Brodie and big sister Harper's nanny, Miss Allie. It is very touching and inspiring. She has been such a gift to the Tigue family. Thank you, Allie Singleton!

Watch the video closely because you just might see yourself sporting your BGVT gear!

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