Brodie & Traci Still Taking Cleveland Clinic by Storm

Update: 10/21 Brodie and Traci Still Taking Cleveland Clinic by Storm

Traci and Brodie are still doing great. Everyone who comes to visit is blown away by how well Traci is moving around and how much Brodie's skin color has already improved. The head pediatric GI came to visit Brodie this evening and said everything looks great! He didn't see any reason why they shouldn't be able to remove Brodie's oxygen tube in the morning. They will continue to keep him sedated until that point. That will be the next big milestone in little Brodie's recovery.

Traci was able to visit him again this evening. During this visit, she whispered very softly while she was in the room as to not get him too excited and to try not to disturb his restful sleep. It didn't matter. Even her whispers and soft touches were enough to get him fighting to look into his mommy's eyes. It was every bit as touching as the video you saw earlier.

Traci is her typical dynamic self. You would not know that she just had major surgery on one of her vital organs just two days ago. When anyone asks how she is doing, the only words out of her mouth are positive. She hasn't eaten in days. Still can't drink anything. But yet, she is all smiles. No complaining. No whining. Just complete optimism. She is even managing to make the experience fun. Taking pictures with all of her nurses and even taking fun videos (Ask her some day to see the video of her walking down the hall 24 hours after surgery singing the lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off.") She. Is. Amazing.

Everywhere she turns she is being stopped by surgeons, doctors, nurses, social workers, childcare workers, etc., who either met her during the last few months leading up to the surgery or even just the last few days post-surgery and are following her story. They ask her how she and Brodie are doing and talk to her like they are old friends. As you know, she leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets.

Traci joked that she hoped to rub elbows with some celebrities during her stay in the "elite" wing of the clinic. She reported today that she hasn't met any celebrities yet.

So no, Traci hasn't met any celebrities yet during her stay. But from the looks of the followers in Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe, it seems maybe Traci and Brodie ARE the celebrities at the Cleveland Clinic right now. And trust me, any of us who have been fortunate enough to rub elbows with either of them are extremely lucky.

Keep the prayers coming!

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