Brodie Responds to Traci's Voice

Update 10/21 Brodie Responds to Traci's Voice

Traci and Brodie are both doing great! Traci was able to visit with him this morning and even in his heavily-sedated state, he still responded immediately to the sound of his mommy's voice. It is such a sweet moment and was captured in the must-watch video below. (Tear-jerker warning!)

They are keeping Brodie sedated for another day and hope to extubate him tomorrow morning. He is doing great but they don't want to rush the process.

Traci is doing awesome! Still unable to eat or drink which has to be hard but you wouldn't know it because she is her typical optimistic, happy self.

The Tigues are feeling the love, prayers and good vibes from Brodie's massive tribe and are so appreciative and thankful for each and every one of you!

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