Traci & Brodie Doing Well

Update: 10/20/15 Traci and Brodie Doing Well

It should come as no surprise that the doctors and nurses are in love with the two Tigues at the Cleveland Clinic.

Traci's pain is being managed and she is already working with the lactation consultants. And in true Traci fashion, she is getting pictures taken with her nurses and, of course, smiling and giving a thumbs-up in each picture.

Brodie is doing well, too. They are hoping that both Brodie and Traci will get their oxygen tubes out soon. Everyone is headed in the right direction but it is a slow process.

Traci has not been able to see Brodie yet but is very anxious to do so. She is hoping to get the okay very soon. Russ saw him last night, though, and sent her some pictures. Traci's mom Leslie visited him this morning and said he looks wonderful!

Russ and Traci's sister Leann are on their way to the hospital for the next shift.

Keep the prayers coming that Traci and Brodie continue to progress well. Thank you!

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