Brodie & Traci Reunited!

Update: 10/20 Brodie and Traci Reunited!

Another exciting update and some pictures of Traci, Russ and Brodie that are sure to melt your heart.

Traci was able to visit Brodie for the first time this afternoon and momma was all smiles with her baby boy.

Traci is doing awesome (no surprise there)! She started walking today and was moved from the SICU to her regular room. She is sore and tired but of course her normal positive self!

Brodie is still sedated and will be for the rest of the day and probably through the night to be safe. They do not want him to be active and risk him pulling out any of the lines and tubes. They are monitoring his blood pressure and swelling but everything is going as planned.

Thanks to Traci's sister Leann for taking these awesome pictures and for being there for Traci!

Your prayers, thoughts and good vibes are being felt and we are all so grateful!

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