Transplant Updates

Update: 10/19 Go Time

7:30 AM  - Traci and Brodie are both in their operating rooms. It takes an hour and a half for Traci's anesthesia to take effect. Prayer warriors, start praying!

Traci looked great and smiled all the way to the operating room! No surprise there, right? Not only is she a rockstar, but now she is going to be a movie star, too! Cleveland Clinic was filming Traci this morning for a documentary on transplants and Channel 3 is covering the transplant, too. We will let you know as soon as we have details about when the Channel 3 segment will air.

Keep the pictures in your BGVT gear coming. Traci will love to see them when she is out of surgery.

12:20 PM - Update 10/19/15 Liver Transfer

Traci's sliver of liver is being transferred to her baby boy right now! Thank God for modern medicine!

Keep the prayers coming, warriors!

1:30 PM - Update 10/19/15 Traci's Surgery Complete

The surgeon just gave Russ an update and said Traci is done and did great! Everything went as planned. Russ will be able to see her in a few hours. Now we wait to hear about Brodie!

The pictures are awesome!

Thanks for the prayers and good vibin.' Keep them coming!

2:15 PM - 10/19/15 Update on Brodie

Brodie's coordinator just called Russ and said the liver is in and now comes the very critical (and intricate) part of connecting it. It is a tedious and slow process and they have to connect every vessel and duct. He is in stable condition and everything is going well.

Please pray they continue to go well for little Brodie.

3:50 PM - 10/19/19 Traci is Awake

Traci woke up from surgery and her mom and Russ were able to see her. Like any mom, she is not worried about herself or her pain -- the first words out of her mouth were, "how is Brodie?"

She is doing well and sleeping. She will stay in the recovery room tonight with her mom.

Brodie's surgery will probably last about three more hours.

Keep the prayers coming!

8:05 PM - Update: 10/19/15 Brodie's Surgery Complete

Brodie is out of his twelve-hour surgery and Russ will be able to see him soon! He did great and the doctors said he is functioning the way they want him to be. Such great news!

Brodie is showing his little warrior strength and I am sure they are all feeling your love and support. Thank you!