Things are in Motion!!!

Update 09/30/2015: Things are in MOTION!!!!

Mark your calendars - we have a tentative set surgery transplant 10/19/2015!!!!

Brodie just got approved and listed on the National Transplant List – this is great news! In order to receive a deceased or living organ you HAVE to be listed. His PELD score is a 14 so he is very low on the list which is why it is so amazing to be gifted a living organ. The higher score the worse your health is.

For me to continue to be the living donor there are some things that are still pending…

They have to biopsy my liver to ensure it is not too fatty. Think of a steak – have you ever had a sirloin that has fatty parts of it? Well your liver can be like that too and they want to make sure that mine is not before we get into surgery. My BMI is over where it should be (*cough cough – I am saying that it is because I just had a baby… 4 months ago – HA)

They are also finalizing some of the blood tests to ensure that the functionality of my liver is spot on – Brodie will inherit everything that my liver does – so this is really important.
If these two things pan out we will GREEN LIGHT for our big day 10.19.2015

Brodie is great – he just learned he has vocal chords that he can use! He is screeching and cooing and making sure you don’t forget that he is in the room. His belly has almost healed from his first exploratory surgery on 09/14/15 which was a little over 2 weeks ago – this is where they went in through his belly button with a camera and did a biopsy. He is happy and filled with smiles.

Harper is doing really good – she knows that Bro-Meister (as she calls him) has his big surgery coming up and the special drs are going to work on his liver. She gives Bro-Man, the nurses & drs - a special blessing each night in her prayers. We are keeping it totally positive and talk about how exciting and lucky it is that he can get this “fix” and he is going to love his new liver. We have yet to share with her that I am going to be the one “sharing” my liver… We will do this soon though so she can process…

We have made Harps “THE LEADER OF BRODIE’S GOOD VIBE TRIBE” which she is LOVING and also made her the Sanitizer Sheriff (clean hands only and always). She has also decided that she would like to be a Mermaid Princess for Halloween so we are prepping for that… She is loving pre-school and just started her Tutus and Toddlers dance class so we are doing sparkle fingers and pirouettes for Brodie to entertain him.

The Tigue Team Tribe Leaders (me and Russ) are hanging in there and keeping it positive. Planning for this is truly a full-time job – we are allocating care takers for Harper / Brodie / Paulee our Pooch and Me. So as you can imagine the A-Driver, planner in me is in full gear.

Helen Keller said “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.” That is something that has been driving both of us. We are firmly set on that we will defeat and overcome – there is no other option.

I cannot tell you how amazing you all are… I have been getting love notes, texts, pictures, comments on this page, in email, on the phone and I READ ALL OF THEM – sometimes 10xs over during my low points! I apologize for not getting back to you all – please know that I am SO APPRECIATIVE OF YOUR SUPPORT!

We need you to keep helping us through this!

We have been planning our first fundraiser for Brodie’s Good Vibe Tribe & Biliary Atresia awareness – we are putting together some Brodie’s Good Vibe Tribe Gear we hope you will all support and wear to show us your LOVE and CRAZY support on our big day and weeks (and weeks) of recovery.

THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed to the MEAL TRAIN & GO FUND ME that was set up for us – we were so humbled that our amazing friends set it up and you all would consider helping us through this time. I cannot even begin to tell you the emotional roller coaster of gratitude, disbelief and amazement you have all set in motion for us. The world is a better place because of you and you have made a difference in our lives forever.

Keep the good vibes coming – the smiles, prayers, positivity and kindness is needed for us and all around you – keep Brodie’s Good Vibe Tribe in mind for your good intentions. We love and are so humbled by your support!

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