Update: 11/15/2015 - #AG4Brodie


With so much bad going on right now - I wanted to share the good. You all have been with me through this journey - when you think you can't make a difference - just think - YOU CAN! #‎brodiesgoodvibetribe #‎sliverofliver#‎tiguetough #‎ag4brodie


Hi American Greetings -

We have been recently been thrown a curveball in life - our 5 month old son had to receive a liver transplant. As his Mother, I was lucky enough to be his match and we both have under gone a successful transplant - we are almost 4 weeks post transplant and your employees did something that must be recognized for awesomeness! Here is a snapshot....

The other day after zooming from one place to another - in and out of the house - running from appointment to appointment - I finally came in and settled. I noticed a box sitting by the door and as I opened it it looked like there were stacks of paper... Quickly I realized that it wasn't paper - it was cards! What in the world??? This is what I opened...

Traci, Russ, Harper & Brodie,
I have been following
Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe on FB and have been racking my brain on what I could do to show support. I came up with a pretty cool "movement" at work #‎AG4brodie I gathered as many cards as I could.

At American Greetings our mission is to create happiness, laughter and love and I hope I have been able to aide in that.

Your own Katie Wilson and 100+ of your employees banded together to spread joy and support to our family in true fashion of what you do best - with cards.

Your American Greetings team have given us over 100+ cards that have led to smiles as we giggle over silly puppy pictures, heart warming messages, funny photos - your team definitely succeeded in following your company's mission. We are so touched and inspired by them.

American Greetings know your employees are living out your mission and to see a company rally around a good cause, to be kind and know it is making a difference in someone's world is what we need more people and organizations to be. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you.

Keep giving smiles one card at a time. Keep making people feel special one card at a time. Keep making a difference one card at a time.

#ag4brodie #‎brodiesgoodvibetribe #‎sliverofliver #‎tiguetough