Update - 11/16/2015 - #Kroger4BGVT


Hi Kroger -

We have been recently been thrown a curveball in life - our 5 month old son had to receive a liver transplant. As his Mother, I was lucky enough to be his match and we both have under gone a successful transplant with the Cleveland Clinic - we are 4 weeks post transplant and your employees did something that must be recognized for awesomeness! Here is a snapshot....

Going through this "life test" has been terrifying and exciting knowing that this was going to save our son's life. We asked for the support of everyone by showing us their "spirit" and sending us "good vibes" - we designed Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe gear that people could purchase to show their support and wear on our big transplant day. We then asked people to post pictures of themselves to Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe page so we could rally our spirits with the tough recovery days ahead.

As I was recovering from my surgery in the ICU and my son still in transplant surgery - we logged in to see our "tribe" cheering us on. Imagine my surprise when I saw 20 employees from a Kroger store in Dayton, Ohio all with our BGVT gear on. We live in Cleveland Ohio - with no direct ties to the Dayton area. Through the power of social media - Steve Leffew and his team heard about our story and banded together to show us support.

We were amazed, humbled and so touched that a team that we have never spoken to or met would take the time, energy and money to support our family and rally us through the toughest day of our life.

Kroger I know the six values you have are typically in alignment with the retail side "in store" however know your employees in this store location are living out your values of honesty, integrity, respect and inclusion to impact people out of the store as well.

People have shown us great compassion and kindness throughout our journey and this blew us away!

To see a company rally around a good cause, to be kind and know it is making a difference in someone's world - this is what we need more people and organizations to be. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you.

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