Update: 03/09/2016

Update: 03/09/16 - Just handed my little guy off to the amazing Anesthesia Team here at Cleveland Clinic Children's

We were greeted with smiles and encouragement – Brodie started off smiling and happy but soon realized that he was starving and his shrieks of “feed me now” started…

It never gets easier no matter how many time your little has been put fast asleep into dream world. It just never gets easier. The confidence that you develop when you have been in a medical partnership grows with each visit but the scary part of the medicine always dances the rumba in the back of your mind.

I am sitting here nursing my Starbucks caffeinated fuel aka java as I wait in the isolated hallway – there are baby and kiddo murmurs and cries of uncertainty as they are embarking on their journey this morning.

As I am sitting here - I went to go take a picture of me wearing my BGVT gear to say thank-you for all of the GOOD VIBING that we are receiving this morning. And of course. My arch nemesis in this technology life boldly glared back at me from my i-Phone screen – NO MEMORY. UGH. The worst.

To my 5,324 photos 132 Videos and too many Dubsmashes to admit - I went… to get rid of some of the “extras” (how could I possibly get rid of anything I am asking myself…) I just scrolled back to October - 5 months ago.

And as my nerves are in shambles as the clock tick tocks by with Brodie back there I am looking at all the pictures of you all who have lifted us up. Picture after picture of brave faces who surrounded us with love. Happy faces, fierce faces, silly faces, selfies, poochies, kitties, families, friends, every pose in the book – just BGVT LOVE.

It still takes my breath away.

My home town Brunswick, Ohio recently got rocked by a devastating fire. 28 families lost everything an apartment complex burnt to a crisp – a four-year old lost her little life way too soon and many still battling in the hospital.

What the community of Brunswick and those surrounding communities did in the past of 48 hours is just incredible.

Within 24 hours Saint Ambrose Parish Gym was packed to the gills with everything and anything you could imagine – blankets, clothing, games, toys, etc. to the point where they have asked to stop for the time being on donations and just focus on monetary and gift cards and volunteers to help sort the abundance of donations received. Incredible.

This just touched my soul to the core.

I believe there is nothing more moving than when a TRIBE comes together to rally people for a common cause of protecting those wounded, carrying those broken, and fiercely defending them from the harshness of their current reality and surrounding them with love, kindness and providing them with warmth and hope for the future in their greatest time of need.

Everything BGVT is about – you have done and continue to do for us.

How could we possibly ever thank you enough?

My little guy may never know how loved and supported he was and will be, he may never know how protected he was by a tribe that he may never meet, but both he and Harper will be taught the invaluable lesson of compassion and how to love and be kind. Which quite possibly is the most important thing in this life to know.

You all move me every day – your pictures live with me (as long as my i-Phone memory cooperates), your notes, messages, texts stay with me and reinforce encouragement and your ability to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming-swimming-swimming” with us through this adventure is simply just incredible.

As I sit here and wait... I can smile knowing My little guy is surrounded in good vibes by his tribe.



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