Update: 03/09/2016 - CT Scan - Blood Clot Update

03/09/16 - Just a quick update... Of course it wouldn't be our kind of day without some craziness... Brodie had a reaction to the contrast dye they were using during the CT Scan - so they had to administer some breathing treatments which he was responsive to - thank goodness! Which kept us under observation for longer than what we anticipated.

The clot itself has not gotten smaller and not gotten larger. There was an area that they will have to review further as the imaging was not clear (they will use a special computer for this).

Brodie has not been himself today he is irritable, crabby, gassy and just a sad little nugget. He should be back to himself tomorrow!

More to come on Monday we are back for two ultrasounds and labs for more insight into little Warrior.

Thank you for being with us today - we needed it!


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