Maroon for Maisie Update

Please pray for Maisie. Maisie is from the West Side of CLE, the oldest of five children and just had her 7th birthday. Her heart is bigger than the state of Texas and if you follow their story I promise you this little girl will teach you all about gratitude, kindness and how to live.

She is in a battle to survive, conquer and win her battle - Maisie received a bone marrow transplant - a man in Germany was her match!!! How incredible.

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Maroon for Maisie

August 18, 2016 · 

Day +135 Today we are humbly asking that you pray and pray hard for Maisie. Her lab work is showing a steady decline in all of her cell lines. She is getting admitted today and tomorrow she will head under general anesthesia for a scope which will take numerous internal biopsies and she will also have a bone marrow aspiration. These results will not be available until early next week. There are once again a few theories on the table as to why this is happening (antibodies affecting all of her cell lines, GHVD, Graft failure - aplastic anemia is back) but we really won't know more until the results from tomorrow are available.

I do not cry in front of Maisie. The last time I cried in front of her was back when she was diagnosed. Today I did. When we were walking out to the elevators she asked me, "Mom, why have you been crying so much today?" I tried to explain to her that I'm just frustrated and I just felt sad today that her counts weren't up and that she has had a tough road lately. She replied, "MOM!!!!!! Don't freak out. Tomorrow they are going to give me my scope and they will figure it out and then you can buy me ice cream again and make me Chicken Kelly for dinner." Oh you sweet girl. I like that plan. You've got it!

Please continue to pray for her.

God Bless,