Update: 08/17/2016

394 times we have had to breathe and find the courage to give our little warrior a shot of Lovenox twice daily.

His little chubby, smooth, innocent little baby thighs bruised and battered from the relentless bruising that occurs from administering.

His war cries in the beginning turned to an annoyed sigh in the end.

What was so traumatic in the beginning turned to routine in the end.

We have made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are done!!!!!!!!!!! Our little guy does not have to have this medicine anymore!!!!!

We conquered this challenge!!!!!!!!!!

It was not fun. It was not easy. But we did it. We made it.

I told myself and Brodie - every day - "One shot down gets us closer to the end buddy - we can and will do this!"

Say an Amen! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Awesomeness! High five! Cheers! Knock the Rock!!

Good good good to be alive right about now!

We are in full on celebration mode. We are so happy for our little guy. We are personally relieved of this stress we went through as parents and that it caused Harper.

So celebrate this win with us! Waaaahhhooooo!!!!!


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