Team Emma Strong - Post Transplant

So many of you have followed up with me to see how our sweet little Valentine's Day HEART RECIPIENT is I am glad to tell you that Baby Emma is just LOVING on her new little heart!

Her new mama even shared that she gave her a smile as she was giving her a pep talk about her new heart - if that doesn't make you turn into a little puddle on the floor I don't know what will...

If there is any group that I think has the GOOD VIBES down pat for LIVER LOVE it is US! Can you please send Team Emma Strong some LIVER LOVE from Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe - her heart is doing what it is supposed to but like many transplants other organs get compromised or complications happen. And in her case her liver needs to do what it knows how to do - HEAL, REGENERATE, GROW and THRIVE.

Go Emma Go!

We are all rooting for you!

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February 15 at 6:27pm · 

Emma did well coming off the paralysis yesterday evening & through the night. She's more of herself again and gave me a big smile when I told her yesterday that she had a new, healthy heart ❤️ of my favorite moments with her to-date. 
Today, she was in more pain, which was awful to see, but we'll definitely be weaning the extremely high doses of pain meds & sedation slowly, as she has been on them for essentially her entire life and has become very used to them. Her liver is very sick after the long surgery, but doctors seem positive about it recovering so we remain positive and have been reinforcing to Emma what 'normal' liver enzymes should be in hopes that she can help pep-talk her liver :) We have a long road of recovery ahead, but we are so very greatful for a fantastic medical team and the continued prayers and positive vibes from our incredible support system. #EmmaStrong#believeinmiracles #donatelife