TEAM Emma Strong - She gets her call!

Please pray and pray hard for Baby Emma.. Remember a couple months ago I shared with you #EMMASTRONG - this little baby has been fighting every day of her life - 3 months old and has spent every day Cleveland Clinic Children's waiting for someone to make the choice of gifting life.

HER DAY IS HERE - Little Baby Emma is getting a NEW HEART!

Her Mom shared just a little bit ago that she was praying that Valentine's Day was it - that love, hearts and sweet treats were the perfect combination for the possibility of a call... THEY GOT THE CALL JUST AFTER SHE POSTED THAT!

GOOD VIBES! LIFT this family up in PRAYER! LIFT the family who lost a child up in prayer! So many feelings for everyone involved.

Baby Emma will get a second chance at life and will get to see life outside of the hospital.


We will be cheering and rooting for you every step of the way.

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Team Emma Strong

February 12 at 10:46pm · 

Miracles really do come true. EMMA'S MIRACLE HEART IS ON ITS WAY. There could be no better Valentine's Day gift! We don't know much yet in terms of next steps, the heart was the first organ assigned, so now the other organs need to be assigned & then plans can be made. All we know is that God is so good & we are in need of many many STRONG PRAYERS & positive vibes tonight & all day tomorrow. PRAY PRAY PRAY! I will update when we know more, but for now it's time for Emma to get a nice, relaxing sponge bath & for this excited momma to attempt to get some rest...BIG DAY AHEAD! #EmmaStrong #teamEmma #Valentinesheart #believeinmiracles